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Silicon Valley Voice is an idol-like singing contest where the techie cover band Coverflow will choose a number of contestants to sing a well known rock/pop song to the audience and be judged in a fun and casual way by a panel of well known techies (including David Hornik and Mike Arrington). You don't have to be the best singer as judges will use criteria like charm, stage presence, humor, outfit - not just your voice quality! Anyone working in a tech company is qualified to apply to be a contestant!  To apply, do the following three easy steps:
     1. Shoot a video of you singing a popular rock/pop song (at least one minute in length) and upload it to youtube or fandalism.  Don't just sing - show us your stage presence!
     2. Fill out the form below
     3. Optionally, sign up to Fandalism (the social network for musicians created by Coverflow band member Philip Kaplan) so we can check out your profile.
If you win, you will be able to donate ticket proceeds to your favorite charity!  The sign up deadline is September 15, 2012.

                                    Online Registration is currently closed. Please contact Heidi Bianchi at hbianchi@svb.com for any registration questions.