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In an era of global religious conflict, idealism has a new face: interfaith leadership through service. We believe there will be no peace in the world without religious pluralism, and no religious pluralism without the leadership of young people. Interfaith leadership is the key to ensuring that the 21st Century is defined by common service, not conflict, among the world’s diverse religious communities.

Interfaith Youth Core’s (IFYC) 6th Conference, Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World, will engage participants in the question of how young people can be the architects of a global movement of interfaith service. This Conference will offer:

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 Plenary sessions with dynamic speakers, including religious leaders, young people, activists, policy makers, academics and more;
 The debut of IFYC’s premiere interfaith leadership training;
 Interactive workshops and trainings from best-in-class organizations and practitioners from around the world;
 Networking opportunities with leaders in the emerging interfaith youth movement.
We welcome faith leaders, educators, researchers, student leaders, community activists, civic leaders, media professionals, funding professionals, and policy influencers. Join interfaith youth movement colleagues from across the country as we explore interfaith leadership in today’s world!
6th Conference on Interfaith Youth Work hosted by Northwestern University's Center for Civic Engagement
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We would like to thank the following foundations for their generous support of this Conference.

 The Nathan Cummings Foundation
 Walter & Elise Haas Fund
 The Henry Luce Foundation
 McCormick Foundation
 Righteous Persons Foundation
 Wicklander Foundation
“Indeed, faith should bring us together. That is why we are forging service projects in America that bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews...Around the world, we can turn dialogue into Interfaith service, so bridges between peoples lead to action - whether it is combating malaria in Africa, or providing relief after a natural disaster.”

President Barack Obama, 6/4/2009




Pray the Devil Back to Hell chronicles the remarkable story of the courageous Christian and Muslim Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to their shattered country.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell and Q&A with Filmmaker Gini Reticker
The Calling Q&A with Filmmakers
The Calling is an upcoming PBS documentary miniseries that follows eight Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Jewish and Muslim Americans who are training for religious leadership.

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Eboo Patel's Message to the IFYC Conference
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