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Note: All Content on this Website is only for CPSI 2015. New content coming soon.
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Night Flights are late-night impromptu workshops delivered by any conference attendee willing to take a chance in sharing a little knowledge, inspiration, or just, plain, fun with the CPSI community.
Sign-ups happen during CPSI and workshops take place from 9.30pm-10.30
Night Flight Form: PDF
Below are a few of the Night Flights being offered this year...

Seven Sure-Fire Strategies for Creative Success
Gaia Grant


Gaia Grant is the author of Who Killed Creativity... And How Can We Get It Back?: Seven essential strategies for making yourself, your team and your organization more innovative. In this session she introduces seven simple strategies for opening up creative thinking. She demonstrates how they can motivate groups to prepare them for the creative problem solving process.


Nefetari Murpf


The UQuest CreACTIVITY Race is a fun way to be creative and get active all while socializing and competing with your fellow CPSI comrades.  Everyone can participate in teams of 2 to 6 people and engage in a behind the scenes battle of creativity and mental moxy.  Get your body moving as you solve riddles, search for clues and complete missions.  This Night Flight will add more energy to your CPSI experience -- join us to see why.  And yes, a winning team will be crowned.  This event is brought to you by Group Ignited.

Stories Under the Stars

Jean Storlie


As another busy CPSI day comes to a close, imagine gathering around a glowing fire to share stories with CPSI colleagues and friends. If the warmth of a campfire attracts you, join this Night Flight to share and listen to stories. We’ll spark storytelling with some thought-provoking questions and tell a few tales. But we know that stories beget stories, so we’re going to let them flow to the rhythm of the night – musical instruments welcome!
Connect, Reconnect and Network
International Center for Studies in Creativity

Come join the faculty and alums of the International Center for Studies in Creativity….

Learn about the Master of Science degree in Creative Studies and Change leadership.

"Creative Spirituality: Honoring Our Depths and Contributions”

Bill Sturner

We will explore the connection between our Soul, earthly identity and everyday creativity. Who are we anyway: why are we here, what contracts are we manifesting, and how are we contributing to the dynamics of love and awareness? We will fly high and dig deep as we embrace the realities of our multi-dimensional identity.  
Illuminating the Intangible: An Introduction to the Art of Light Painting
Laura DelPrato
Discover a unique art form in this interactive introduction to light painting, a process that involves capturing the movement of light through long exposure photography. Learn the basics behind stunning images and play with various sources of light to create them yourself! You will interact with others to transform place into space, infuse magic into the mundane, and illuminate the intangible in this hands-on photographic experience. No experience or equipment required. Feel free to bring a camera and tripod if you would like!
And many more are expected... here are some we've heard are in the works...
Allie Middleton - Soltice Celebration
Bill Hartwell - Coffee House
Min Basadur - CPSP Profile
Louise Loomis - Children's Wellness Center
Sunil Gupta - Laughter Yoga